Monday, 15 February 2016

Social Media Top Android Apps

Android is one of the tools that are widely used by most people. Devices with Google's operating system is also widely used due to its various advantages. Besides the many vendors that carries well into the advantages of this device. This makes people more able to choose the smartphone they want at a price that varies with the choice of many vendors.
One of the applications that are widely used social media applications. Because the application that requires an internet connection that makes a lot of people can communicate through the chat. No wonder if many users addicted to social media applications that can be downloaded for free. Well then any social media application Android? Go see the discussion below!
Here Social Media Top Android Apps
Facebook Messenger
Facebook Messenger is one of the social media applications are also widely used by the users. As a user gadget certainly many who have a Facebook account. For those who already have an account gadget, just download the app in the Play Store and login using the account.
The next most popular social media application is Twitter. Not least with Facebook, Twitter also widely used by users worldwide. Twitter also provides an application that can be used on Android devices. To use dhaulu first download via Google Play Store. For those of you who already have an account just go into the app and login using your account.
As Android users on average they use the one application that the application of fuel. Application of fuel can be used by Android devices and can be downloaded through Play Store. By using this application, users can do a lot of things seperto chat, photo sharing, file sharing, and more.
Whatsapp Messenger
Next Whatsapp Messenger is an application that can be downloaded and installed for free via the Play Store. Equally with the three above applications, these applications are also widely used due to the advantages possessed. Whatsapp Messenger app allows users to share files, photos, chats very fast, convenient, and certainly easy. To use this app you can add your mobile phone number.
Path app allows users to do things like share photos, videos, music, and more. This application is also widely used by Android users around the world. For more details, please download the application directly through the Play Store.
Who is not familiar with this application? As a gadget users must know which apps are popular among young people up to the adults as well. By using the Instagram app, users can share photos and video moments. By using instagram user can follow or be followed.
Line next application is an application that is equally popular with the above applications. This social app has a lot of emoticons that can be used by the consumer. In addition, users can also chat or call with the use of this application, provided that there is a connection that is nice and smooth. Application Line could you make a choice to communicate with friends via the gadget that you use. to try applications Line please free download through the official website of the Android Play Store.
Now that was some of the most popular social media applications, for other applications such as KakaoTalk, Beetalk, Snapchat, Skype, Pinterest, and more. 


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